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Mentally engaging website

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Here's a website that meets Cam's criteria for being mentally engaging.

It also does other Gamequitter's stuff:

-- offers an escape (you hafta concentrate hard) O.o

-- constant measurable progress (you learn stuff & collect reward badges):D

-- a challenge (how about advanced calculus?  differential equations? electrical engineering?  computer programming?B|

-- social (kind of:  you get to listen to Salman Khan's video lessons, or other experts on their fields)o.O

        You can also become a course coach, take Khan Academy into your community & more


Khan Academy is free.  Their motto is "A world-class education, for everyone, for free, forever".  :)

I have a couple of other websites up my sleeve, but will parcel them out.

The website is bug-free and never spams you.

-- KDY

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Forgot the Khan Community info
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Great suggestion!

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