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  1. Egon added a post in a topic Relapsed after 22 days.   

    Happens to the best of us :). So do you know what caused the relapse?
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  2. Egon added a post in a topic I want to rule the world   

    Very cool man, thank you for the advice, I'm a bit skeptical about whether it would work too but I want to try it anyway. We should start a coup ;).
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    I want to rule the world
    Hey guys, my name is Egon and I have shit to do. Last year at a new years party, I was so unhappy because I had given up things that I loved like salsa dancing and martial arts in 2015. I failed almost all of my psychology courses and got put on academic probation. I was also excluded from a university in 2015 and had the opportunity to go out with some of the coolest passionate women I have ever met, but due to lack of experience, confidence and all sorts of self doubt, I missed those opportunities. But hey, at least I got 100% trophy completion in Resident Evil 7.
    I tried the detox this year as part of my new years resolution for 6 weeks, I did good but failed and ended up playing Alien Isolation. Gaming is my crutch and I tend to play games now when I'm unhappy, so what I've decided to do is sell almost all of my games and game consoles (PS3 and PS4). I've wiped out my hard drive on the PS4 and am currently selling my console. I've given almost all my games to my brother and his missus who have uploaded photos of my games on gumtree. I'm feeling excited but angry, I'm turning 30 this May and I'm not where I want to be. One exception I will make for video games though, is I'm not going to stop social gaming with friends when I chill at there houses, so it'll be interesting to see whether it's possible to only game socially or whether that will be the cause of wanting to game again. If I fail or succeed I'll post my experience here. I hope to sell my games for a lot of money as I want to buy a jiujitsu gi.
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