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  1. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted. A lot has happened since I made this thread, so I will begin with my awesome week :). This week that's just passed, I worked with my Dad lifting tables and crates that we made for a convention center. I'm currently doing a Tango and Salsa Performance course that I'm really stoked about, I also did a beginners Swing dance lesson this week as well. My gamer friends have been very supportive of me and pitched in for a Brazilian Jiujitsu gi and a gift certificate for 1 month of unlimited training for my birthday that was in May. I did my first lesson with the gi and I am absolutely loving the shit out of my gi and training ;). I'm saving the gift certificate though for when I'm less busy. I've also been attending all my University lectures and tutorials for my 2nd year course. There has been a lot of space between the work I've been doing with Dad and doing nothing, so I took advantage of this by bringing my textbook with me to work and as a result I ended up getting ahead of all my required readings, which I'm pretty proud about :). To finish off a pretty metal week, I took a class doing Aboriginal Boomerang Painting with a bunch of my mates, I thought I would hate it because I don't think of myself as a creative but I ended up loving it. Using the aboriginal symbols, I was able to do an incomplete design of my story which I'm going to paint on my Boomerang. I also had enough time to hang with a couple of friends and celebrate my Brothers birthday. I'm the happiest I've ever been and this is without a woman in my life ;). I've noticed that women are treating me different too, they are noticing me and I'm finding talking to them easy. There is one girl I'm thinking of asking out that did Boomerang painting with me but I feel that I don't have enough money to take her someplace cool. Most of my money comes from my Dad and business has been up and down, so he can't always pay me all the time and being in his 60s, he needs help lifting and can't afford another worker. Even with that said, I've gone way over budget this week to what I would normally earn anyway and my Dad's been paying for my car and not charging me rent. I'm really lucky there but I'm addicted to my new lifestyle, I want to make more money and start dating this year, it's difficult with the Uni work I have but I'm greedy. I also at some point want to go back into surf life saving and patrol the beaches. I don't know why but I've been thinking about giving blood and volunteering at a homeless shelter which I find is unlike me because I'm a little bit selfish. So basically, I need more money and women ;). This week is going to suck as I have to limit my spending and only do Tango, Salsa and Uni as those three things are pretty much all paid for but I'm happy :). One thing I should let everyone know on this forum though. I have gotten back into gaming, I haven't been doing too much of it because of my active lifestyle and because I sold every single one of my games and consoles so I can only play a few ps1 emulated games on pc and a few games at my friends place. I said at the start of my thread that whether I succeeded or failed at quitting video games while still social gaming that I would post my experience here, well it's time to cash the cheque ;). For a while, I was able to only social game without relapsing to gaming solo. Selling all my games and consoles made this very easy to do as I couldn't solo game even if I wanted to. I had no urges to game solo until my friend threw an e3 party. Three of my favourite gaming franchises are releasing their games in October of this year. This has caused me to want to buy my PS4 again and I've started to replay one of my favourite games again at my friends house who saw my frustration and decided to install the game just for me. I hate to say it but if you really want to quit you do have to avoid social gaming as well. One of the hardest parts about quitting in my opinion is the friends but that wasn't the only hard part. The biggest challenge I had personally, through the detox, was constantly questioning whether what I was doing was really necessary or correct. If you want to quit you have to know for sure that it's bad for you whereas with me, I went into this detox halfheartedly and questioning whether gaming can be balanced with all my other shit. I originally gave up gaming because I was depressed and not doing any of the things that filled my life with passion but now I'm doing all those things and gaming which has made me question whether quitting is really necessary for me if I can balance it. I don't have an answer for this but my advice for people quitting, is to quit wholeheartedly by not gaming socially and try to figure out if it's something you can balance or something that really needs to be out of your life all together which was the hardest part for me. I think you can only figure that out if you at least try the detox once to get a bit of perspective. Also if you want to be really extreme, sell all your video games and consoles, that did something to me mentally where I became completely detached from them and it made me happier and showed me how strong I can be. I regret selling my PS4 now that I want it back but the regret is not nearly as powerful as the regret I would have felt if I didn't sell them and at least took this detox more seriously. You can re-buy your video games again if you really want them back, so give it a go :). Realistically speaking I wouldn't have been doing as much as I am now if I hadn't sold them and took a proper break. I hope my experience helps people on this forum and to put things into perspective. This how happy I am and how much my life has improved just by attempting the detox and giving games a break. Imagine how much improvement there would be if you went through the whole thing ;).
  2. Happens to the best of us :). So do you know what caused the relapse?
  3. Very cool man, thank you for the advice, I'm a bit skeptical about whether it would work too but I want to try it anyway. We should start a coup ;).
  4. Hey guys, my name is Egon and I have shit to do. Last year at a new years party, I was so unhappy because I had given up things that I loved like salsa dancing and martial arts in 2015. I failed almost all of my psychology courses and got put on academic probation. I was also excluded from a university in 2015 and had the opportunity to go out with some of the coolest passionate women I have ever met, but due to lack of experience, confidence and all sorts of self doubt, I missed those opportunities. But hey, at least I got 100% trophy completion in Resident Evil 7. I tried the detox this year as part of my new years resolution for 6 weeks, I did good but failed and ended up playing Alien Isolation. Gaming is my crutch and I tend to play games now when I'm unhappy, so what I've decided to do is sell almost all of my games and game consoles (PS3 and PS4). I've wiped out my hard drive on the PS4 and am currently selling my console. I've given almost all my games to my brother and his missus who have uploaded photos of my games on gumtree. I'm feeling excited but angry, I'm turning 30 this May and I'm not where I want to be. One exception I will make for video games though, is I'm not going to stop social gaming with friends when I chill at there houses, so it'll be interesting to see whether it's possible to only game socially or whether that will be the cause of wanting to game again. If I fail or succeed I'll post my experience here. I hope to sell my games for a lot of money as I want to buy a jiujitsu gi.