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Hello everyone!

My name is Kamil, I'm 23 years old and I live in Poland. I'd been gaming a lot since I was 4 and managed to stop when I went to university. Unfortunately, with time I started watching twitch streams and related youtube vidoes here and there, which turned into an addiction that's very hard to quit for me. There were times when I could watch that shit all day and obviously I would feel miserable at the end. The best I could do was a month of detox and then I would always relapse. I know it's not a gaming addiction per se, but it's related and I feel like it made more harm than gaming for me.

I'm a math student and I want to get a job as a data scientist or a software engineer in the future. I'm starting my journal today.



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Hi Polish fellow! Welcome to the forums 😃
Your entry really resonates with me. I sometimes got addicted to the game without even playing, just watching gameplay was enough. Especially when it was with a commentary, and then I was able to watch it over and over wich is frankly compulsive.
It's a good start that you noticed the problem. 

If you want to chat about anything related in your native language, just message me.

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