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Who am I, and where I am from?

  • I am 25 years old.
  • I live in the United States of America (born and raised).

I started playing video games as early as age 13, possibly earlier. I started with lots of flash games, old Runescape, Playstation 1 games, Facebook games, Steam games, mobile games, Nintendo Switch games, and recently Steam games...again.

This isn't my first time going "cold turkey" from gaming:

  • I did so starting from my second sophomore semester in college. I still wasted time on the internet though.
  • After getting a job, I had spurts of mobile gaming.
  • Later, after purchasing a Nintendo Switch, I ended up separating the console and the controllers.

Recently, I ended up gaming again after building a replacement computer for working from home:

  • It started with gaming with colleagues once a week for a couple of hours. It wasn't enough for me.
  • After staying up until 3:00 AM multiple nights, my ability to work was impacted. I knew I couldn't continue gaming.
  • I let my colleagues know I would be going through this program. They were surprisingly understanding.

In vague terms, my main goal is "to stop stagnating in life."

If I attempt to make that more specific, it doesn't seem like I can narrow it down to just one goal:

  • Maintaining healthy sleep/exercise schedules. Going out in nature instead of being on screens all of the time.
  • Cooking and eating healthy/eating less instead of eating out/eating too much.
  • Keeping my apartment clean.
  • Creating and following a planned routine (short and long term), versus mindless internet browsing.
  • Not masturbating (a strange habit anyways considering that doing so almost never involves pornography).
  • Keeping in touch with my family.

There are also goals that seem more difficult to pursue:

  • Praying, reading the Bible, and going to church on a regular basis.
  • Learning to play a musical instrument--perhaps my strongest desire.
  • Not overthinking the above two goals (assuming I'm condemned to Hell, assuming that having music as a hobby will separate me from God, etc.)
  • Figuring out how to socialize. Then, doing so in person on a somewhat regular basis.

Lastly, I have some miscellaneous goals (create a blog, start investing, take some online courses, etc.)

I think I managed to order those goals fairly well.
However, I will want to regularly go through the Respawn program material and journal daily on this forum. I hope that doing so can help me begin working on the rest of those goals.

Who am I? I am a man with a lot of work to do...

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