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Introducing myself


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Hey im Elijah

as of Sunday august 1st 2021 ive decided to quit videogames cold turkey.

I've needed this for a while but could really do as I was using gaming as a way to cope with my time in the military. While I'm still in the military it was really upsetting when I went to our rec center and the lady was asking me questions about what I enjoy doing and I couldn't give an honest answer about enjoying anything other than gaming.


I realized it wasn't that I didn't try anything or do anything else it's just nothing compared to the high and emotional repression gaming gives me so it dominated my time. I decided to use that moment as a wake up call.

I felt like mob from mob psycho 100 when ever he was asked if he had any hobbies or ambitions. For a comparison lol.

I'm excited and I feel the first thing is to get my mindset right. Looking forward to the journey.

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