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My Addiction on gaming

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hi guys i joined a while ago but never really quit gaming, i started playing as a kid and never stoped until now, i was like 6 or 7 when i had my first atari, by the time i got my first nintendo i was completely hooked.

So hooked that during these more then 25 years of gaming i saw things come and go on my life, opportunies, girlsfriends, jobs, basically everything. At least everything i always wanted. I am now 33 years old, i have a degree on odontology (wich i never praticed) i going for another but to be fair i feel completely hollow. I don't know what to do to replace my gaming addiction, i used to love reading, but it doesn't give me the same thrill it used to, i am also a hardcore porn user, or at least was, since my libido drops a little with the medication i take and with my age. I feel kind of desperate sometimes, but i know that the answer is out there in the real world, i don't know if i'm gonna make a journal on this forun but i'll probably will, i tried doing nofap, did it for more than 2 months but it only showed me that my main problem is gaming, not masturbating. I feel really depressed now, not suicidal or anything but the emptyness of a lifetime is finally knoking at my door, i wish i could make this public and probabily will, on church, on a meeting or something, i don't know yet. I wrote this and even no one reads it, it would still be fine because i poured something out of my chest, my soul. I am going to talk to a counseller, maybe a coach, gonna practice some sport, gonna find a job in my area of expertise and start living again.

I hope God i will.

Thx guys, i know i am not alone.

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