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Hey everyone, the Entertainment Software Association has scheduled this year’s gaming convention to be online due to the covid pandemic. 

This is a chance for us to send our questions online about the harm that the current technology causes young people. Cameron expounded in detail how the new concept of video games (never ending progression, visual effects, easy reward systems etc) alter the character and take over the life of a young person, you can watch his blogs online.

Look at the caption that they have chosen for a newly released gaming console: “Play has no limits”. Contrast this with arcade gaming screens of the 1990s. I remember as a kid that it was just there for fun. This wasn’t serious, you just hopped into one of those racing simulator seats, inserted a coin into the slot and raced a track with a couple of your friends. 5 minutes and done, no compulsive thoughts about playing endlessly. The whole concept prevented you from abusing it cause (1) it would get boring  after a while, (2) you had to travel to that amusement park to get to play. Today the games are constantly accessible.

My idea is that if we all partake in directing questions to game designers about the harmful effects of current generstion video games, we will spread awareness among all those fans of video game franchises that watch these events.

What are your thoughts?

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