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Hi, I’m Tess. I graduated college last year during covid and picked up gaming like crazy this past year. I work as a kitchen supervisor and gaming has negatively impacted my social,work, and personal life. I realize I need to stop running and face reality. I’m really grateful to be part of this community with all of you!

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Howdy Tess! Welcome to the community. 

I'd recommend making a journal post if you are so inclined in this sections of the forums. Being aware of your progress and having a trackable record of your days while quitting games (regardless if you are doing a full 90 day detox or something else) can help significantly with whatever you are struggling with. 

15 hours ago, Theresa said:

I realize I need to stop running and face reality.

This mindset is already so much better then many others addled with Gaming Addiction. Go get em!

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