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I chose the title "It's Time" because I realize, at 42 years of age, with 25 of those years behind me addicted to video games, its time to stop.  I am in a bad place in my life.  I have accomplished a few things, mostly through perseverance and a little luck, but nothing in my life is where it should be.  Everything doesn't feel like it should.  I should be further, stronger, and in a better place, but I lie, cheat, make up things, and don't take care of my health, all to spend just a few more minutes on games.  Lately it has gotten even worse, and I am tired of lying to myself.  No More.  ITS TIME.  Its time to stop playing.  Its time to take back control of my life.  Its time to find inspiration in the things I used to enjoy. 



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Hi @MasterWilliams, welcome to GameQuitters! It's never to late to start a better life- I'm so glad you made it here 🙂

Best of luck with stopping playing, I hope to be reading your journal entries soon hehe


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