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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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Hello community.


My name Is Alex, as you see on my forum nickname. I'm from Central-Eastern Europe, living in one small country called Romania. I guess it's a little bit weird for another people to be on forum where majority of people are from US. So, my english it's my first language( not native), so I'll try my best to explain the best as possible and grammatically correct, I know that I'll make some mistakes. 

 But nevermind, l'll start to talking about why I want to quit this gaming addiction and reasons I kept playing the games and why now I want to quit them.

I start to play video games at the age of 5-6, like Need for Speed Underground, Mario, Counter Strike 1.6 and mostly games I can't remember about, but not very frequently then, because I didn't had an PC, playing at my auntie like 1 time per week when I come there to sleep. But in my childhood I didn't spent playing non-stop videogames like I was doing in my teen period.

The culminating point and the most interesing period of my life was when I get my first pc on the fourth grade, like in spring of 2010, I guess, but I knew exactly when I started to play the game called Metin2 , an MMPORG , very popular at this time and very addicting game, I've played that for like 9 years, but not everyday, but I know that, my life has changed in the bad way , to say. I started to change myself, my grades went lower, but the school wasn't an huge problem for me, only in general school I had the worst performances, before high school. I really remembered since then I can't waited to get home to play games and games, over, over and over again, all during day. Even I skipped my class to play games, when I had 10 years old. 

In 2015, I start to play League of Legends, one of the most addicting games in history, because very,very well thinked to keep you caught in the game. I have played that for almost 6 years. I didn't remember how the time has passed that too fast. Really, really fast. My sleep pattern has very messed, my motivation was down, I have the simptoms like an depressed person, because of this toxic game , toxic community. I started to rage a lot, to shout at people, to destroy things and to ignore and complicate the relationship with my family, friends and exes . Not very happy about myself because I know that I could use the time in more effective purpose. But that's all. What happened, happened.

Right now, about my college (Computer Science) . I'm doing a little bit bad, but I'll recover that. It's the freshmen year, the courses are online and everything it's messed up. During high school I had one of the best grades at the exam and from the high school when I finished that, like 4.50 GPA almost . The grades in my country are from 1 to 10 and I get like 9.41 .

But right now, I want to explain the reasons why I PLAYED GAMES: I'm addicted, wanted to become one of the best players at the game , I've have bring me an satisfication when I've realise something in the game ( like an higher division or a winning game), I make money from that,  but wasted money also in the games, I had spend like 10 years, I'm introverted person and I like to stay home mostly, I put my motivation in video games to achieve a higher performance and most important and I guess the only positive thing that kept to play games: IMPROVING MY ENGLISH SKILLS.


Otherwise, the reasons why I WANT TO QUIT are : I want to pursue an career on IT, I want to improve my English the  best of possible, fix my sedentary life, use the time wisely, I want to become more responsible person, I want to live the life at the fulliest and being proud of myself, focusing on improving my social skills, travelling in the world and the most important and the reason why I come on this community : I WANT TO QUIT THIS ADDICTION AND TO NOT HAVE REGRETS ON THE LIFE BECAUSE OF GAMES. There are many things to accomplish and is not late in my opinion, I'm just 21 years old. 

Ironic, the only addiction of mine it's gaming . I don't smoke, I don't drink. It's the only thing . I guess I'm doing well compared to other people, but if someone had another addictions in the past, I would appreciate if someone write to me with advices, because it's my first time when I quit from addiction . I mean, they're very similarly things .


Thank you for reading 😉 . Wish you the best on the journey. Stay strong !

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