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  1. DAY 28 >>> WEEK 4 >> 72 DAYS LEFT My sleep pattern has improved a lot, I mean, my sleep schedule resets since when I quit gaming. I can sleep more better, I don't stay till 2-3 am. I'm more rested when I sleep around 7-8-9 hours, depends how tired I am. I improve a lot my psihical activity, playing football almost every day and I'm more involved to interact with people in general. I had some temptations to gaming, but I used the EMERGENCY BUTTON, going on Discord and trying to interact with people as much as possible. I had avoided the relapse succesfully, beca
  2. DAY 21 >> WEEK 3 >> 79 DAYS LEFT I haven't urges those days, I'm more active psihically, involved in sports, walking outside, focusing on college more, I read more about interesing stuffs on the internet. I've had no dreams about games anymore, but I struggle a little bit with boredom still, but I'm learning to manage my time. I'm feeling more better, no more thoughts about games, I realised now they're a huge waste of time and you can't learn a very much from there, if you are determinated to do anything else in real life. I was thinking about to play chess, but I'll see
  3. I just wanted to ask your opinions about those strategic games. I was thinking about to play something like chess.
  4. DAY 15 >> WEEK 2 --> 85 DAYS LEFT >> my goal is 100 days detox I'm have a good mood right now, starting to to basic stuffs in the real life. Sometimes, I get lost listening music too much time when I'm bored at home. What can I say? I get outside too many hours to avoid the boredom and I'm focused at my university courses when I have. The second week was very interesing, but a little boring, cause I'm living in a small city and I don't have a lot to do here . But I try to adapt my time next days for studying and getting in touch with my friends more. Have to admit tha
  5. Day 11.. I haven't experienced urges previous days :D. All went good, I was active socially and I'm getting more outside with friends, because the good weather has come . I feel more better right now, I don't think about games too often, like in 3 days I haven't a single thought about this. The experiences are more better than last week, I'm sleeping more better, more active, motivated to do more in my real life. Honestly, first week is very hard, but now I adapted to new routine and I'll try to keep up the good job. see ya guys, never quit.
  6. Day 8.. today I'll speak about my experience about my first week of detox gaming. I've had feeling of boredom a lot, more when I stay home. If I didn't had some activities like playing football, walking every night outside, studying for driver licence and some basic stuffs in the house, my experience and chances to relapse would have increased, for sure.. But everything it's fine. I had 2 dreams about games without thinking too much at this during daytime. Basic dreams, not so scary. To be honest, was not a easy week, because I'm struggling with boredom and I try
  7. Day 6. I type this before to going off on the bed.. I haven't simptoms or tendency to play video games today. I had exams at the university and I passed everything I had previous days and the last one exam, I have to take it, upcoming in 2 days. I had some pretty busy activities in the morning, when I wake up and wrote the previous topic. What can I say, I was feeling good today, I guess, one of the best days since my detox journey begun, for sure. Not even a thought about games, nothing, even urges. I had some boring time, but I managed it. Again, start to
  8. Hello, @Jason70. In the fact, I hadn't really nightmares if I remember well about my dream. It's not a horror , hehe. I had a very weird dream, like, how to explain better...Like I was playing in the real life the actual game. I mean , not on PC or something like that, but in the real life. I was in one place where I remember I logged out from game and I got instantly teleported at one location in my real life... And then, suddenly, my unconscious reacted fast after '' I logged out'' from the game in the dream about my intention to quit game.. I was looking like on the wall,thinki
  9. Day 4. To mention, I'm on day 4 without sugar, because I want to avoid sugar the much as possible, maybe that's have another effects on myself. Previous days I've had urges, irritable and impulsive without reason. I've had no patience, but I didn't relapse and I was calming down after some time. I start to feel some effects of my brain is wanting to play, but I don't want by myself. Interesing.. Even I've dreamed this night I was playing one game, I thought in my dream : '' Oh sh*t, I relapsed, what I do now?'' , but I awake up and everything was good. Well, what can I say, is
  10. Try to put some goals. Small goals, you'll achieve them one after one and you'll feel good after. Take a running every morning, do some push ups, read a book, use audiocasts. Write your journal, read it again twice before relapsing. Don't let yourself to be controlled by emotions. You wanna going playing videogames when you'll have kids and a wife in the future, then getting divorced? Take some scenarios. Think about another people who pursued gaming over education and look where they're now. ( over 70% fail in the life because of wrong decision and lacking of time management..) Don't qu
  11. Day two.. I've watched the Module #2, #3, #4 today. I've write my list about my to go activities, backups and viceversa. 🙂 Today, let's be honest, I was a little bit boring, tired. I haven't feeling a urge to play videogames. I've listened to music a lot, reading the book from the Cam about his story and reasons why he wanted to quit the video games, so I know a little bit about his story and we're similarly a little bit. ( I mean at staying in home playing all the time, having chances to pursue an eSports career (in my case, it's League of Legends , I was Grandmaster, but refused to goin
  12. Day one. I've deleted all my games from my PC, all the applications associated with games I'd played and recently, from the phone too. I'm thinking about to give my accounts for my friends and delete all the logins data from my Google Account, where I save all the passwords. Aswell, I've deleted photos with games, everything. Cold turkey. Even my YouTube account I've unsubcribed from many channels, refused to get recommend , never ever, topics about that. I guess I've done alright, to prevent the relapse. I'm thinking about when it comes a warm weather ( now it's very c
  13. Hello community. My name Is Alex, as you see on my forum nickname. I'm from Central-Eastern Europe, living in one small country called Romania. I guess it's a little bit weird for another people to be on forum where majority of people are from US. So, my english it's my first language( not native), so I'll try my best to explain the best as possible and grammatically correct, I know that I'll make some mistakes. But nevermind, l'll start to talking about why I want to quit this gaming addiction and reasons I kept playing the games and why now I want to quit them. I star