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How long does it take to permanently delete a Netflix account?


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Any ideas how long do I have to wait before Netflix deletes my account? I couldn't get any information from the customer support. I decided to delete my account to protest against the immoral programming the platform offers rather than to combat any addiction to it, but since I found the details about permanently deleting Netflix account here, I guess it is a good place to ask. I am not talking about the automatic deletion after 10 months of inactivity, I want to get rid of the account as soon as possible. I have already written to the customer support asking them to delete the account, but it still exists and I don't know how long I will have to wait. Maybe some other users who also deleted their accounts can share their experiences? Thanks 🙂

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For anyone who is curious about the question in this topic, today I got the message that my Netflix account was finally deleted 🙂 I wrote to them on 5th of February, so it took only eight days, though it seemed too long for me 😉 I hope other people who want to get rid of Netflix would be as fortunate as I was. 

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