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Hello My name is Dennis.  


I have been playing video games my whole life, I am 36 now.  I started realizing I had a problem a few years ago and even quit gaming for awhile.  I guess you can say I realized I had a serious problem was when World of Warcraft was first released.  My first girlfriend and I broke up (a real bad life choice when I think about it), and in that extra time I discovered "World of Warcraft".  I literally played 20 hours a day, slept for about 4 hours a day.  Back in vanilla I raided every night and had one of the most geared Warriors on Tichondrius.  I was a top PVPer as well as a I guess you could call it "hardcore" raider.  Everytime I try and go back it is never the same.  Nostalgia is just a killer.

Every once in awhile i relapse and go back.  This past time was harder than last not because of covid, but because of my separation from my X.  


Well here i am again.... back at Day 1 all over again.  Figured I would give this a shot along with praying and just trusting in Jesus.  

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