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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Everything I Have been trying to say about Dopamine.

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I’ve seen this video before! Glad to see someone else has as well.

This video helped me to discover that it’s not just video games that contribute to high dopamine tolerance and make other activities less fun, but several other things contribute as well.


take me for instance. When i first moved out of my parents house, i was just watching tv and playing games intermittently. This was not much stimulation, so i still viewed other activities as fun, such as hanging out with friends, eating out, rock climbing, and board games, and i put these things first over games, even though i still filled any leftover time i had with games and i had trouble getting enough sleep because of it.


However, soon i started to listen to high energy electronic music every time i drove my car and eventually i started watching youtube videos about random things. This made things worse, but i could still put other activities first even then. 

However, it was when i started regularly watching youtube videos about the games i was playing that games started becoming my prison. That was the proverbial last straw. I always wondered what made my situation worse than what it was when I moved out of my parents house, but now i know. Between high energy electronic music, 5+ hours a day of video games, binge-watching youtube shows, and viewing youtube videos about the games i was playing, i was being buried alive by my extremely high dopamine tolerance. It got so bad that when i lost my job in April, i was playing 24 hours and then sleeping 12 hours. At that point, I felt like my life was over and i wanted to die, but thankfully my parents helped me back on my feet, and thankfully i found the game quitters community.

I realized that in addition to quitting games, i needed to make some changes to other parts of my life. So far i have started listening to electro-chill instead or high energy music, and i’m currently reducing my time on youtube. If i do watch something regarding games, I don’t watch anything regarding gaming communities that i may be tempted to join and contribute to. for example, I watch hermitcraft, which is an exclusive minecraft community for youtubers, and i feel no temptation afterwards as its not an easy community to join. This has helped tremendously with my dopamine levels and i now find other activities enjoyable.


knowing what i know now, if i ever wanted to try to play in moderation, i now know what to avoid in order to maintain balance in my life. Anyway, i hope this makes it much clearer to other people that other activities can indeed contribute to gaming addiction.

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