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Hi I'm Haymitch


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Hi I'm Haymitch and I came to this forum because I have serious problem with excessive gaming and browsing internet and excessive technology usage in general.
I was trying to deal with it in many different ways, but I always fail in that way. Tried couple of counselors and even went to some anonymous groups meetings before. But always I came to the moment of weakness when there is too much pressure and anxiety is killing me and then I relapse. 
I work remotely from home and it is really tough for me. It takes a lot to control myself on using computer in general. So it triggers me a lot.
Yesterday I've found TEDx talk on how to quit playing video games. I was during my addictive session, but this speech really resonates with me.
I read more about 90 days and journaling idea, so I'm gonna write a bit about feelings and stuff like that.
And I want to make a firm commitment. To thrive thru this 90 days. 1 day at a time. I need to be game free. I need to learn to use internet properly. It may seem ridiculous but that's the reason why I'm here. To deal with this once and for all.
I hope my English here is good enough to understand, because it's not my native tongue.

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