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Reached A New Weird Place

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So the last couple of days I have reached this place where nothing matters.

I have been trying to fill my time with Netflix, 3D modelling, sketching, digital art, writing, and reading.

Suddenly a couple of days ago, I don't give a fig about any of it.  Netflix? Not interested.  Reading?  I have a headache.  3D modelling? Nah, there'll be some roadblock I can't get through.  Sketching?  My last 5 drawings have that "fresh out of 2nd grade" vibe.

So at the end of a full day of avoiding work, I now have literally nothing to do.  

Not looking for a list of activities here, I will just fail to be interested in them as well.

---=== On the bright side ===---

I did manage to take a walk today.  Maybe if I wasn't toting around this food baby I'd feel better.  We'll see.

Also bright:  I have not attempted to install any new games either.  This is a break from my last attempt, where SWTOR and DCUO ate a month of my life.  Strangely games lead the pack in terms of things I am uninterested in.  

Could this be the horse latitudes?  That horrible doldrums where you think you're gonna die, but if you make it thru, you're in your New World?  God, I hope so.

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