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Today I deleted my Podcast app, Unsubbed from all my YouTube channels, and killed all my social media (there was one).  I was filling my day with these things and still avoiding getting to my work.

It was super weird going to bed without Andrew Klavan in my earbuds.  It was weird not reading Breitbart while I ate breakfast.  I have no idea what Trump said yesterday on Twitter.  I neither know what COVID stats are nor what cities are burning from looters.

And you know what?  I realized that unless my house is on fire, there's nothing I can do about it, and it doesn't really affect me.  Sure I care about people getting hurt, but what good would it be to sit here and wring my hands over it all day?

Also, I realize that "staying informed"...

  1. doesn't help anyone
  2. gets me in arguments
  3. is just an excuse to waste my day
  4. is useless because about 80% of the news - left and right - is concocted to make us hate each other.

So.  I may not know what Sleepy Joe babbled out today, but my life just got that little bit better for not reading it.


Now I have to really stop squandering my morning writing here and get on with it!.

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