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During  lockdown it is easy to just throw the towel and relapse  but I did the reverse. I have been gaming free for 66 days which is the amount of days taken by human beings to make or break a habit. Now and then I dream of relapsing and even have conversations with friends who are still into gaming  but I hold onto this major change with grit and its paying me back. I used to numb my emotions by putting all my valuable time into gaming and now I am trying to understand me and others around me which makes me  feel  secure and also learn new things. Its always hard during the first 90 days is what told to me and after 90 days it will be easy. So 90 is my next target. I am also happy to have found this forum and be with people who are also trying to break out of this addiction. ITS TIME TO CELEBRATE 66 COMPLETE

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