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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hey all

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Hey all,

Abit about me. I'm Will, 24 from England. I've been gaming since I was 6 and it wasn't always a problem. When I was young it served its purpose as I was a sheltered boy in an isolated village and didn't really have any friends because there was no one else around who was even close to my age. But when I got to my second year of college it became bad and clouded my mind and warped my priorities. I pushed through it and didn't acknowledge it for a few years. When I hit my second year of university I don't know what changed, but it got worse. My mind was constantly clouded and I couldn't think about things that weren't computer gaming. I went from Student of the year to barely scraping a pass the next year. All my other hobbies took a backseat. My friends and family all became distant and I didn't really care. But inside my head I was screaming, "Just do anything but this" and I would just follow it with "Tomorrow" or "Wait for the weekend", "Just one more match". I lacked the willpower(haha pun) to do anything about it.

Well. Moving on from that a couple years and my life has been pretty much in limbo and I hate it. So gaming has to go. Being 24 and gaming for over 12 hours a day I just can't justify, its a waste of life. I found this by looking for hobbies to replace gaming and watched a few of Cam's vids over the last week and it just made sense to respawn. Time to start living my life, get that job, buy a house, go on holiday, meet people and start looking up at the world, not down on the ground. I'm not really scared of this new chapter but looking forward to it.


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