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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

This is terrifying

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Hi Renee, I am Helen and I just started too and I agree, it is terrifying, but also a bit exciting.

My plan is to read and watch the videos over the weekend and then have Monday as my new

life day. How about you? 🙂

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I didnt have a plan. I just kinda fell into it, bought respawn, read the first four chapters, now i have no games.  But after all ive been reading and learning, and the emotional spiral ive experienced, i would not feel good if i were to play games tomorrow. I dont want to.  In saying that, its so surreal still.  Its like someone has died and im grieving, or ive lost a limb, or something.  It all kinda happened very fast.

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Hello, Renee. 

I'm Abby and like you I started this journey just a couple days ago. 

Yeah, it does feel like you are grieving over something that (like Cam said) has been a part of you for so long. 

But be encouraged! 😄 You will find more fulfilling hobbies and activities to fill that void and it won't feel so hard after a time. 

These past couple mornings, i have woken up struggling with impulses to go back to gaming, but then that would do me no good except make me feel terrible after what I have pledged to do. 

And with time you will find that real life is so much better than what you have left behind. 

We (meaning myself and the community) are rooting for you. 😄 

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