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Hi, my name is Austin and I'm from Columbus, Ohio.  I'm 22 years old and have been a gamer my entire life.

I want to quit gaming because it allows me to ignore everything else in my life.  When I have important decisions to make or things to do, I throw all of it under the bus and just start gaming.

Gaming is keeping me from forming meaningful personal relationships.  When I am with friends or family and all I can do is think about gaming and not even appreciate the time I am spending with them, then I know there is a problem.  The relationships I make from gaming don't feel real, because I don't really care about the other person, and they don't really care about me.  We're just two random strangers.  When I think about investing however many hours I spent playing games into real personal relationships, I feel like I could be much happier.

I also don't like the person I become when I am gaming.  I can get very angry, frustrated, or upset over a simple game, to the point where I become a completely different person.  I become like a child.  I say unkind things.  It's not like me and I never want to be that person again.



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Hey Austin!

I am the same as you. People like us should never play video games. There is much more to life and much more to yourself than the life you are wasting playing video games. I support your decision to quit and I wish both of us best of luck.


I am 27 and I had a period in my life when I didn't game. You are correct - it is soo much better. Belive in that feeling and let it motivate you

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