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Hi there, I am new here... Trying to win my Second Wave

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HI there, My name is Magaiver Santana, I am Brazilian, but i am living on USA for about 3 years now...
Here is a little of my history on gaming... I start gaming at 9 or something, but since i dont have computer or anything, it never gets that bad, but when i was 15 i get my own computer, start to play overnight, and loose school days, and from that i keep playing for 14 years... One day i decide to start a new life in USA with my wife... When i first got here in USA, I somehow stop gaming for about 1,5 years (1 year and a half), but when I start my own Landscaping Business Here, things starting getting bad, I wasent working everyday, because i was preferring do everything i need to do in 1 day and rest the other, but with time, this time in the house, start to gets boring, and i somehow, back to gaming, little by little, starting with the phone, that time was not that bad, but them i buy a better computer, and start to play hidden from my wife, things start to get bad, and when my wife discover and said there is no problem with that... I start to lost to much time on that.... I admit i am addict, and, i cant control it... So there is no other way than stop forever... I am not the kind of people that can play just a hour, or use it as reward... I tried... But i always loose control... So, that`s my History.... Please to meet you all, thanks for reading this, i appreciate it.

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Hi Magaiver! 

Hope you are doing alright! Why do you game if you don't mind me asking? Is it for escaping? Accomplishment? Boredom? Cause to me it seems like you're a go getter as you've started your own Landscaping Business. And kudos to you for admitting you're addicted and that you can identify that you loose control! Thats the first step, atleast I think so. Anyways, I believe in you 🙂 And don't give up just yet. Also, thanks for sharing!

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