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  1. Hi y'all! I am just gonna post double for the days that I've missed so far πŸ™‚ 3rd of may, 2020 - day 3 What happened today in my life: I stayed the night at my friends place and we went for a really long hike the day after, we amassed 20.000 steps, and it took about 3-4 hours including stops for resting and rehydrating. After taking the train back to my place I was starving and treated myself to a really nice, juicy hamburger that would give even an elephant a heart attack! But I got away with a food coma that lasted from 2100 to 1300! This might screw up my sleeping pattern, but man was it worth it! And as you've probably noticed, I haven't even mentioned gaming, and that is because I feel no cravings and don't miss them at all. I really hope it'll be this easy for me, but I suspect that it will be very hard in the near future at some point, and I am prepared mentally. Current goal progress: Days without gaming: 4 / 90 days Meditation: 0 / 900 minutes School work: 5 / 540 hours Final thoughts After indulging myself with such a meaty gift I've decided that I want to eat healthy 6 days out of the week - I which I probably am very close to already as I love making food!
  2. Hi y'all! Sorry for not posting on saturday and sunday, I was simple not able to, as I was visiting a friend who lives in Oslo 2nd of may, 2020 - day 3 What happened today in my life: I visited a friend of mine in Oslo, we ate some good food and drank a bit of wine before going to bed early. I didn't even think about videogaming and I believe the key is to keep busy. Current goal progress: Days without gaming: 3 / 90 days Meditation: 0 / 900 minutes School work: 5 / 540 hours Final thoughts I am still trying hard to be grateful, and I gotto admit that I think things so far has been easier than I feared, except for making progress towards my meditation and school work goal!
  3. Hi y'all! 1st of may, 2020 - day 2 What happened today: I got up at about 07:00 in the morning, but soon after I fell asleep on the couch waking up at 10:30! Which is no big deal, I made myself some breakfast and showered, then I procceded to work with school for about 2 hours before I had to leave for work. I work as a personal assistant for an disabled teenager, he wanted to play a bit, so I kinda sorta had to break my no gaming for 90 days at the 2nd day! But I guess since it was work related it can't really count, cause then I'll never be able to stop. Luckily I don't feel like it impacts my gaming addiction as his taste in games is VERY different than my own. Then I got home and continued to work for another couple of hours with school. Days without gaming: 2 / 90 days Meditation: 0 / 900 minutes School work: 5 / 540 hours Final thoughts I had a great day, and I would like to say that I am grateful for my good friends and that I have good health. And I am very happy that even though I am in kind of predicament regarding my gaming and school issues I have a positive outlook on my future! So stay safe y'all.
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    Yes of course! I will in a country that hasn't been as affected as many others, so it sometimes slips my mind as our goverment allows a gathering of 5 peoples until now, and they opened for 50 peoples now. But yeah! Maybe some discord/zoom/skype with your friends until this is all over is a better solution for now πŸ™‚ Anyways, I'll keep an eye on your journal!
  5. Thanks man! Much appriciated and I will try to remember your words when the hard days eventually comes πŸ™‚
  6. So I just deleted my steam profil with 180+ games!
  7. It's a matter of being able to say no. I find it easy to put myself aside for others if it brings them enjoyment or pleasure. Which isn't necessairly a bad thing, if its balanced!
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    Power to you brother! And good luck in reaching your goals! I sort of found the middleground with some of my friends, and that is boardgames! It isn't as addictive as video games, and you can't really play most games singleplayer at home, therefore it isn't as accessible. And all my gamer friends enjoys the boardgames I've bought πŸ™‚! But you gotto find out what works for you!
  9. Yes! I totally agree, I've already looked at some other journals and given some encouraging words to the best of my ability! Better to say something wrong than say nothing at all πŸ™‚! I guess I wasn't really missing anything while gaming, but it was rather an escape from having to take responsibilty for school and personal affairs I reckon. I kinda have a high conscience and find it hard to turn down other who needs my help, or just say no to social events I don't really want to attend, therefore I used gaming to make sure I didn't get asked in the first place. I might have some commitment issues(huh, never even thought about that before! You learn something everyday). In the future I hope to be someone who contributes to people who are in need, that's also why I wanna specialize as a water and drainage engineer so that I one day purhaps could help building watersupplies for third world countries. It's a bit farfetched, but gotto have dreams I guess! Thanks for asking @Alexanderle! It means alot! edit: Typos
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    Hi @RB1 Hope you are doing a bit better today! Yeah, the quarantine sucks. And it kinda amps up the gaming addiction, but it is as @Alexanderle says. You are still responsible for your decisions. Also, I hope you change your mind! Why not just start a detox today? Starting is in my opinion always the hardest part! And you've already posted here, and that's a very good start! Anways, hope you are doing well, and I believe you can achieve your goals even if it does take a bit of time πŸ™‚ Best regards!
  11. Hi y'all! Today is the start of my 90-day goal of 0% gaming. I've decided that gaming has ruined too much of my life already, and I'd like to make improvements to myself, and find fulfillment outside of the virtual world. Also, yeah, I know! A very convoluted title 😁 My journ(al)ey starts now, 30th of april 2020. What happened today in my life: To be honest, I woke up at 09:00, and got up and drank two cups of coffee. And decided to act upon my thoughts of quitting videogaming. After some googling, which we probs all have done ammiriteπŸ˜‚, I found this community and decided that I will give this a go! But I have to admit that I am a bit skeptical of the effects of this, but I figured, why the f*** not πŸ˜› I posted an introduction post earlier which explains my story in poor english and the narrative can hardly be called a narrative at all! I've also decided on some goals. And here they are: Workout atleast 3 times a week over 90 days, that means 30 sessions. 0% gaming over 90 days then to find out if I can play a bit, or not at all(most likely the latter). Meditation for 10 minutes everyday (that will be a total of 900 minutes over 90 days) Do atleast 6 hours of school everyday. (Total 540 hours over 90 days) Current goal progress: Days without gaming: 1 / 90 days Meditation: 0 / 900 minutes School work: 0 / 540 hours Final thoughts I try to have a positive mindset towards everything in life, and in closing I wanna say that I can do this, but it'll be very hard! So please gimme your support! Or I'll cry 😒 Nah, I won't. But it'll be greatly appriciated! And also, tips for quitting would just make my day! Also, heres the introduction post I made earlier: Thanks in advance, and much love 9ko
  12. Hi Magaiver! Hope you are doing alright! Why do you game if you don't mind me asking? Is it for escaping? Accomplishment? Boredom? Cause to me it seems like you're a go getter as you've started your own Landscaping Business. And kudos to you for admitting you're addicted and that you can identify that you loose control! Thats the first step, atleast I think so. Anyways, I believe in you πŸ™‚ And don't give up just yet. Also, thanks for sharing!
  13. Hi y'all! First and foremost I'd like to apologize for poor english as it's not my first language. Nationality: Norwegian Age: 30 (Almost 31) Gender: Male My gaming story, and how it has kept me back I started gaming in 94-95 if I remember correctly. My older brother got a snes one day, and I fell instantly in love with Super Mario, it was all I wanted to do all day even from an early age. It was also there I first got the feeling of accomplishment as I was the "best" gamer in my class for quite some time and other can to me if they were ever stuck on a level or a boss etc. Everything was intensified by 10x when the PS1 was released and my brother got two of my all time favorite games, Final Fantasy 7 and Resident Evil. The latter of which I wasn't allowed to play as I was only 7-8 years old at the time, so I had to get creative. And by creative, I mean ditching school to play when my mother and brother wasn't home. I don't think I ever did my homework even once through primary and secondary school, and I really didn't mind as I thought I could just network my way to an awesome job when I got older as stupid as that sounds. Fast forward some year, to the release of world of warcraft to be specific. I played so much that I think I atmost got a total of 35 hours of sleep in a week, which was really bad as I now was high school. My saving grace at the time was that I had a girlfriend who kinda kept my gaming addiction check, however I found myself thinking more and more about gaming as the relationship progressed. We stayed together for 3 years, and broke it off for other reasons than gaming. The gaming at this point was so bad that I failed several 3 classes required to get higher education here in Norway. After me and my girlfriend splitt up, and high school was finished, I got to the legal drinking age in Norway, and boy did I take advantage of that! I was always very social even outside the virtual world as well, and liked meeting new people, and it seemed like most people enjoyed speaking with me as well. But I always kept thinking of gaming even though I was enjoying myself doing other stuff. I eventually found myself a job, and I managed to do a good job even. I can proudly say that gaming has never intervened with my work. Fast forward again, I am now 23 years old, I meet my new girlfriend. She was gorgeous, she meant everything too me. After the first date I immediately stopped smoking cigarettes(20 a day) and weed(Did that everyday too) cold turkey and it was easy. I felt like I could accomplish anything now that I had a reason, and I did stop gaming... For a while. Two years into the relationship, Final Fantasy 14: A real reborn was released, and I was in love again. A Final Fantasy game that is an MMO is like heroin to me. I even convinced my girlfriend to start playing, and she was as hooked as me. We started playing at a pretty high level, we even went to a international gaming convention for it (Fanfest in London) with our guild. We did this for the remainder of our relationship. Then one day, she suddenly decided to dump me, which I at the time felt like it came out of the blue. But looking back at it, I see that I took her for granted, and made gaming my priority even though I didn't feel like it at the time. This happened 4 years ago, and I still beat myself up about it, I feel like I lost the most valuable person in my life to gaming. And the break up was pretty nasty as well. But that's another story. However, I decided at the time that I wanted to change up my life a bit. I quit playing Final Fantasy 14, and replaced it with Muay Thai, better known as Thai Boxing here in the west. I trained for maybe two-three years, then decided it was about time to have a match, got my asskicked severely, then did it again, both parts πŸ˜‚ Then sadly my local gym had to close, so I took over. I kept the classes going, and paid rent, collect membership fees etc. I worked out a lot, and got in the best shape of my life! Maybe for the first time in my life I felt accomplisment outside of gaming. So I decided that I needed to use this momentum. I decided to go back to high school at the tender age of 28. I finished with this time with a point average of 50 out of 60, and I got a perfect score in maths, which was a class I previously failed. I did this at night time. So at this point in life I had a fulltime job, had nightschool and ran my own muay thai gym. I had no time for gaming. Then suddenly the place I worked at decided to outsource a lot of their production, which meant that several of my co-workers and I had to go. This turned out to be a good thing for me as I just finished high school at the same time, so I applied to college to get my engineering degree. I also decided to quit running the muay thai gym, so I could focus on school. And as you can probably guess, I didn't. How the hell can a now 30-year old dude prioritize so poorly? I thought I was ridden of my gaming addiction... But it has returned. I am now one year into my engineering degree, and I have barely studied... I have however finished Resident Evil 2 Remake, leveled two characters to max level in world of warcraft classic and finished all content with both of em, finished Final Fantasy 7 remake and a lot of dota 2 games. I have nothing to show for this last year, and now the exams are coming up... I am going to fail, because of video games. Again. And I keep beating myself up about it. I am such a fool. tl;dr: I failed high school once, then finished it, now probably failing college and lost a lot of relationships over gaming. Also beating myself up over it and can't get out of this cycle that I am in. Sincerely yours 9ko