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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

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In it to win it by quitting Pokémon! Thankfully that is it

I read a book a long time ago called “The Power of Habit” - one of the techniques in the book for habits is to bad a bad habit with a need routine if you ever get a craving. My craving is obviously playing that video game and it just kicked in again. 

So my goal as a routine would be to watch a module on Cams program and write here in the Journal (hopefully 90 days straight). It’s a start and is healthier for me.

ive been interested in journaling my own thoughts for a while, however could never sit still long enough or have the patience writing one word on paper when I can type 5 words on a computer with the same period of time. 

I guess this will be my venting box or blog, idk. The best way for me to do this is literally just to write, whether it makes sense or not. Let myself unclog all the stuff in my head and let it sit back a second. I mean it is my journal after all, of it becomes a mess, it becomes a fucking mess lol.


Day 1 is over, I’ll post life events hopefully also.

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I'll keep at it. 

Thankfully work is keeping me busy - I work in a commission gig selling health insurance for people who need it. Unfortunately I don't post here daily, but that is a good thing. I did relapse a bit, but only on Friday and Sunday over Easter - I was only on the game for probably about 4-5 hours in combine with those 2 days. 

A lot better than being on it EVERY DAY - I like the distracting on trying to focus on my business and working on me. I'm going to cut that time in half again as my next goal, as cold turkey is a bit difficult, but it never hurts to work your way out of a ditch, just one step at a time

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