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Looking for accountability buddy


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Hi game quitters!

TL;DR: I'm looking for someone to have intermittent communication with, to support each other in this quest via Facebook or email

Quick backstory in bulletpoints for your convenience:

  • I was pretty much addicted to Blizzard's moba Heroes of the Storm. 
  • My excuse for gaming was - and still is - that gaming is the only social activity I get to do with my older brother, because we live quite far apart.
  • My brother is able to put down gaming, and he always calls it a day before I do. But even when he logged off, I usually continued playing for some hours.
  • I quit last year with Cam's Respawn program.
  • In January I went to a net café with friends twice, and was happy to discover that I didn't enjoy it.
  • But I've been feeling quite lonely during this coronavirus quarantine. I ended up buying Diablo 3 a week ago to play casually with my older brother. Not a big issue, but...
  • The last two days I've been seriously considering buying a high end gaming laptop.
  • I came back to Cam's Youtube channel and reminded myself why I want to stay away from gaming.
  • My brother and closest friends do not really "get me". My brother hears me when I say it's a problem, and I've told him I see myself as an addict, but when I suggest we play a game together, he encourages it because he likes to play with me.

I'm hoping to find someone here who is also trying to avoid gaming so we can support each other: An internet accountability buddy. We can remind each other why we stopped, share successes and milestones with each other, celebrate successes with each other and, hopefully, one day no longer need each other.

I'm 31, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I am doing my Master's in sociology. Looking forward to hear from you guys.


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1 hour ago, Kim said:

Late to the party, but I was addicted to HotS as well, 33 years old, currently gaming in moderation. You can write me if you want. 

That's awesome Kim, I've sent you a message as well, maybe three is better than two!

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