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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Exploring the desire thoughts, motives, and cravings that relate to problematic game use: Academic Survey


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Hi Game Quitters,

I am conducting an online survey as part of my Clinical Psychology Master’s research project. If you are 18 years of age or over and have played a video game in the past 12 months, you are invited to answer 10-15 minutes worth of questions. The questions explore thoughts such as how much we desire playing a game, motives for playing, and mental health. You are still welcome and encouraged to respond if you have stopped gaming within the last 12 months.
Your participation will be a valuable addition to our research and your responses will be kept anonymous. If you are interested in this research or would like more information, please click on the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2GGBFVZ
Alternatively, please forward or share this link if you know of anyone who may be interested in participating in this research. Thank you. This project has ethical approval from the University of the Sunshine Coast (S191375).

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OK, took the survey.  There are some misconceptions I think the designers of the survey are working under.  I'll put them in a spoiler window in case others want to take the survey first.  I answered the survey as I would have before my detox, not now, a year and a half trying to quit.


First, the survey assumes I walk around all day thinking about gaming.  I don't.  I resort to gaming when my real life gets overwhelming or insurmountably frustrating.  Instead of working out my problem - whatever it might be at the moment - I would spark up a game and waste literally hours (maybe 12 hours a day).

The exception to that would be if there was some time-crunch, like Double XP August.  I would log in before even trying to work and spend the whole day leveling my characters to max.

Never once when I wasn't gaming did I think about gaming - other than to think "man I wasted a WHOLE DAY, I should really not do THAT again", or "man, this game is ruining my life!".

As far as MMO friendships go, They were a major source of disappointment.  Early on I expected it to be more like what I saw on The Guild, with online friends meeting up to raid or do quests.  I never found anyone like that on any game.  The "friends" I did make would disappear the next day, never to be heard from again.  The guilds I was in would have fewer and fewer members who were all just doing their own thing and they rarely joined in to do anything.  I used to joke it was "Massively Single Player"



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