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I started gaming 20 years ago. Right now I struggle with not only gaming but internet and generally media usage. It's really severe. I can neglect things that are important for me, despite negative consequences. I failed a lot of things due to my addiction. I neglected my health drastically due to my addiction. I lost a lot of important relationships due to my addiction.
My addiction is confirmed by specialists - I've been working on this for about a decade on my own and for about 2 years with couple of therapists - it helped me in the process, but I still have a lot of work to do. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing control of my life and it sucks. Sometimes I feel depressed and anxious. I think it's especially difficult for me, because I work 100% remotely on my laptop, and I don't have anyone who's checking my results.
I hope this forum will help me with living the life sober.
I named myself Empathy, because my counselor once said, that this is one of my biggest skill I have, if I'm living away from my addiction obviously.

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