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Finally opened up to my parents

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So after a few weeks going back and forth in my mind about whether I wanted to tell them or not, I finally got the courage to do it last night. They were so loving and supportive we actually managed to chat for hours, although I did most of the talking. 

I think what made the decision to tell them was that this has affected me since I was a child, therefore I wanted them to understand that I realise how bad it was back then and that I'm kicking it now. I'm glad I did because ultimately they had no idea that this was a problem. They thought I'd kicked it when I left home because I was portraying that everything was fine when I used to see them. It was really liberating to be honest about it, even to the extent that I was able to talk about the times that I'd lied to various people about what I was doing. That was as hard as opening up to my fiancée about it all. 

They were pleased I'm over halfway through the 90 days and made me aware that I can talk to them about it. I also started thinking about getting counselling just to help me discuss it impartially and also to chew up some time in the detox. They seemed quite keen that I do that so it was good to have their full support. 

So I'm celebrating taking a risk and being willing to make myself vulnerable to potential criticism or a telling off, neither of which came even remotely close to happening! 

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