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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

..Rise up from the dust, banded by equality of our gaming past


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Hello, real world.?

I'm a 4th year student of linguistics, and - really - only now I see how lucky I was to learn english. It's this skill that ultimately opened my eyes about gaming.

As every one of you here, I realised (a year ago) that,  in my case, I gave away my childhood for games. The realization left me depressed, desperate and truly horrified. Since then I gave up most of the games, only returning to them in the moments of boredom, nostalgia or when playing with friends.

The real challenge began now, with doing something else other than gaming. There is no more "pat on the head" for my actions. No +100 points for moping the floor, no +1500 EXP for finding out what to do after I graduate.. I distract myself from difficult tasks and unresolved problems with Youtube and social media which still happens now. It's almost like watching it or social media or some ero/porn is my brain's number one priority, it is more appealing than almost anything I do at home. Lastly, it feels like I just can't bring myself even TO THINK about my problems.. it's tough, uncomfortable, takes away time i could spend gaming away happily thehehe ?

Reasons to quit were: stop regretting the time spent on gaming in the future, find hobbies that bring enjoyment, development and growth, to start looking for meaning in my life.

All that time I was moving alone. It's only now that I see that no man is an island. Recently started the Respawn book an one of its steps was to sign up and say hello)

I hope to get into your likeminded community and see how other people tackled this part of the journey. Also, to get some support and advice. Mostly on how to not submit to the urge of ditching a hard task for watching youtube or social media. How to not prefer youtube over literally anything that's mildly difficult or not so entertaining (even hobbies like drawing, reading books).

Don't know much about the forum though ?
Wish you all a great day and engaging conversations

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