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Why do you stop playing?


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Hi there! I'm new in the community and I'm enjoying it so much.

I would like to know why you all stop playing games. I really don't engage in a game for a while, but it seems like the idea and the feeling of playing don't get out of my mind. I've been playing all my life and I didn't have grater problems about this habit, but it seems wrong. Also it doesn't bring me pleasure like in the past.

All the best.

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It doesnt makes my life really better, it makes one moment better but at the end of a round in Lol u just feel bad. There are a lot of reasons why not to play, and only 1-2 reasons why you could play. And because I cant play moderate I just had to stop totally.

After quitting now for 1-2 years I feel a LOT better

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