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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

27 years, competative, streamer, its change time !


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Hi all 

I started gaming when i was around 8, been gaming since. It all started with a atari my dad showed me, and a pentium pc. Got my own when i was 10 built it myself from parts my dad got me. Been gaming on console & pc ever since. This all developed into competative and social outlet for me as per the usual story it seems. I went pro in my younger years winning some big prizes and inforcning the "life" more. Later years i got into streaming and got myself up there with 1.6k followers and some sponsership, so nothing major but still another hook in my mind. 

I think i started thinking about quiting games when my son came into the world almost three years ago, and although iv managed my habit to avoid playing when i have him, or when hes awake i still used to let it SUCK up every other spair moment i have to the detrement of pretty much every other aspect of my life, work, family, relationships etc. My son came first, then gaming. But iv been improving my life, got weight loss surgery and lost a lot of weight. I realised in this that there was so much more to life i have been missing out on so i decided recently that its was time to make gaming part of my life story, part of nostaligc moments rather than a overaching influence and obsession in my day to day.

Its onyl day three for me as i write this, so i got a long way to go. But i have followed the steps, i have my goals and i am on the way. In all honesty so far its not been that hard. But iv kept busy and its x-mass time so lots to do, people to see etc. I know that come jan and things start to slow down i best have some alternatives in place firmly !


Thanks all who bothered to read ! Wish me luck !

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Yep, wishing you luck on your journey. To.. TURN the tide, so to say)

It seems like in your case translation from gaming to real life may be easier, as it seems that you have a family to support you and remind you of your goals. 

I think that every streamer us an actor at heart, so maybe it will be interesting to look up acting on stage? ?

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