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so, i joined this community a while ago , i started with  this topic

i realize now that , when we want to change. we want to take a huge step. i was like this when i joined here. after a while i forgot all of that and backed to my bad routine . but this past afew weeks i started to remove bad habits from my life . i started with League of legends . i deleted all of it and gave my laptop to my dad then i used my old laptop to do my stuff. i replaced LOL with youtube stuff and watching movies . then i started to use usefull speeches or any others usefull thing in youtube instead of watching lol highlights. i spend a poor time ( 2-3) hours to study now and watch movie and search in youtube for all day . i don't have any friends and i barely speak to my family . now i believe i removed a huge part of bad things . now i want to start on working something new. i decided to buy a tablet and transfer all  files and movies and songs to my tablet .i can use this in afew ways.first is a normal usage for entertaning . 2nd usage it trying to study at the same time watching movie then replace it comepletly step by step . 3rd usage is to learn somthing usefull like learn a new leangage( i wach korean movies alot so i may learn  korean). this is what is in my head and my goal

1. increase study time

2.decrease entertaning and make  it to absolute minimum

3. set my sleeping time , sleep well and wake up early

4. learn somthing or somethings new that i like , like learn a new  language

i want to know do you have any idea , a plan , or any advice in all becase i am a bit confused what should i do now?

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focus on waking up early(but go sleep early too so u get enough sleep!), then go DIRECTLY on ur study work and after that you are free in the rest of the time

that worked good for me

but: time after work should also be used with meaningful things.. sport etc

all the thingsu mentioned are normal (deleting games -> replace with also addictive stuff like youtube) we are all addicted to internet not only to games.Thats why we have to get away from internet totally(only use it for work)

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