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Taking a Short Break...


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Hello, I'm tempuser973 and I am a gaming addict. For the most part it’s not that bad because I’m still in highschool so there isn’t much else to do in my free time and I don’t have to worry about bills. But I still think a break would be a good idea for me. In the past few years the longest break from gaming I’ve taken was a month long break when I was grounded, but other than that I have been gaming daily. I don’t want to immediately start with a 90 day break because that seems too difficult, so I’ve decided to aim for 14 days (2 weeks) and then go from there and possibly add an additional few weeks. Last night I uninstalled steam and all of my games on my PC and phone, with an exception for Subway Surfers because I need it to pass time on my long bus ride to school. I’m going to try to post every night throughout my journey and I’ll try to keep a consistent format for my entries. I’ll update tonight after today is complete.

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