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My son is an addicted gamer, how do I get him to accept

James Beeken

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I have a 23 year old son who is at the serious end of gaming addiction as defined by the criteria on this website, but he does not think he has got a problem. How do I get him to see that he has an addiction and needs help, because until he agrees he needs help, nothing suggested on this website will help. Because as far as he is concerned he doesn't have a problem OR he doesn't want to address the problem - which is more like the answer in my opinion. He loves to game and will not stop.

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Did you ever try to talk about the stuff he does. Why he does play the games he like?
In other words did you take an interest in what he does?

Did you try to understand his motivations his problems and how he sees his part in the family?

Ever took him out for a beer etc?

Is he lonely, angry, does he feel useless or does he think about himself he is a looser?

Do you spend time with your son?

Maybe he does videos games to escape the family activities?

I really need more information.

EDIT: I do not know Facebook myself, so I have no idea weather people will see your post. This forum is also public, at least for the people who visit cam's site.

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Can you declare who you are please, don't particularly like responding to an anonymous member / or a blind name where I have no idea about your motivation or interest to ask such questions please

All I can see is a name Creation List and new member - what does this mean


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