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Hey All,

I'm just starting the journey of Respawn and figured I should introduce myself. I've hidden behind a few different names over the years online for a variety of multiplayer games but most real people call me Nick. My life has gotten to the point where gaming has become such a source of toxic behavior, depression and overall feelings of just wasting my life. In general it feels like life has bottomed out or just hasn't lived up to expectations. Gaming never caused me to fail a class or lose a job or even really lie to anyone. Most people that know me, and not the gaming habit, would say I'm successful. Unfortunately, that success is only so deep. Gaming throughout college did lead me to make some really good friends, but it also caused me to withdraw from the full world. After college, i lost contact with a lot of those friends and now only have the friends that still game online. It has become apparent just how much I have withdrawn into myself by constantly using gaming as an escape.

I look forward to the future and I hope the rest of you are staying strong and committing to something great. 


Much love,


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Welcome @awalkingcane🙂  I hope you find some valuable resources and support here.  I can attest that this forum is very supportive.  No pressure, but perhaps you'd like to start a journal as well, either a private one or on this forum.  It helps with processing your thoughts, at the very least.

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