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Hello everyone, over the next few days I will be spending more time on this site as I try to correct my bad habits. For me, those bad habits are: 

  • Gaming all day.
  • Mindlessly browsing the web.

Now that I will have lots of free time I hope to:

  • Meditate daily
  • Draw
  • Read
  • Get into photography
  • Exercise and workout
  • Learn to program
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Learn foreign languages


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Have done list:

  • Deleted my Steam accounts (did this quite a while ago but it had little effect on my gaming since most games had their own launcher)
  • Uninstalled all games (Heroes and Generals, World of Tanks... and the rest)
  • Deleted my video game acocunts
  • Configured 'Cold Turkey Blocker' to block distracting websites so that I cannot browse sites mindlessly (although I can still access them, when necessary, using my search engine's built-in proxy)
  • Bought a used camera and lens (Nikon D5300 for £200, lens was £80)
  • Set my computer to automatically lock me out after 10pm so that I no longer have late night gaming/browsing sessions
  • Blocked internet access to my smart TV
  • Added page loading delays for this site, gmail and some others so that I'm no longer checking them continuously. 

Deleting the acocunt to the game I play most (Many thousands of hours 'invested' with no real payoff)I have blocked news sites as well as your typical time wasters (YouTube, Reddit etc)



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Updated list
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