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  1. DAY 02 All went well yesterday; my internet use was mindful and I did not touch video games. I worked 10 hours, so not having much free time probably helped.
  2. DAY #01 Have done list: Deleted my Steam accounts (did this quite a while ago but it had little effect on my gaming since most games had their own launcher) Uninstalled all games (Heroes and Generals, World of Tanks... and the rest) Deleted my video game acocunts Configured 'Cold Turkey Blocker' to block distracting websites so that I cannot browse sites mindlessly (although I can still access them, when necessary, using my search engine's built-in proxy) Bought a used camera and lens (Nikon D5300 for £200, lens was £80) Set my computer to automatically lock me out after 10pm so that I no longer have late night gaming/browsing sessions Blocked internet access to my smart TV Added page loading delays for this site, gmail and some others so that I'm no longer checking them continuously.
  3. Hello everyone, over the next few days I will be spending more time on this site as I try to correct my bad habits. For me, those bad habits are: Gaming all day. Mindlessly browsing the web. Now that I will have lots of free time I hope to: Meditate daily Draw Read Get into photography Exercise and workout Learn to program Learn to play the piano Learn foreign languages
  4. addictedtoo

    DAY 0

    Tonight, I quit. I've had enough of this abhorrent lifestyle; it cannot continue - for I shall not allow it to. I want better from myself. Tonight, the games and the surfing ends.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm addictedtoo and I'm from the UK. I work [40 hrs/wk] in a warehouse and in my free time, rather than trying to progress in life (like get a better job), I spend my time playing video games and surfing the web - these are not activities I would like to be doing but I do them anyway out of habit. I feel like I don't have much control over myself when the computer is on and when it's late at night I seem to want to play more instead of go to bed. I didn't have work today so I played video games for 5 hrs and surfed the web for 5 hrs or more. I don't think I've even left the house today. The time is now 11:30 pm and I quit. I've had a enough of this lifestyle. My parents wanted me to become an accountant or lawyer - and honestly, that's what I wanted too - but I pushed everything aside for video games and even dropped out of school. I really want to get my life back on track. I quit tonight and wont play video games ever again. I have installed 'Cold Turkey' on my pc and so i also wont be mindlessly browsing the web either. Now that I have quit I have a decent amount of free time. Here's what I plan to do with it: Read more. Meditate daily. Exercise and workout. Do photography in my free time (I bought a used DSLR + lens today) Learn a foreign language (or more) using Duolingo. Learn to play the piano. Draw more often.
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