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Hi in doubt

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Hi all on this forum.

I am with games for so many years. Probably since I got my first computer Atari 65XE in around 1986. I am 42 now, you can do the math.

My main issue is that I do not know if I WANT to quit this. And yet I came here and I feel that not everything is fine with my life.

I start to read Respawn and I didnt play anything since 17 August.

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Hey there. 

I think you know why you're here. And you know you want your life to improve. So listen to your inner voice. 

Just try it for 90 days and then you can decide for yourself if you want to go back and how much... 

But just a detox is good in general. It'll give you some time to amaze your self with your abilities, your interests, with the world, with the small beauties of life. 


How many other reasons can you see for taking a 90 day detox? 

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