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So today is August 9th, I'm writing to you from France, more precisely from the Midi-perynées.

These last few days have passed really well. After 6 years I had a realization, I stayed 6 years at home because I needed it, I needed solitude to become stronger, maybe at moments I became a dependent of something but I needed it I would have committed suicide or something.
Now that I've finished my period of solitude, I've become stronger, more ambitious, more sociable, smarter now I'm ready to use 100% of my strength, 100% of my intelligence, 100% of my determination to accomplish things incredible.

I also realized that sometimes I'm too serious, from now on I will be really carefree the more time, serious when it needs to be cold and without emotions at other times because life is not difficult, life is what you think it is. .  For me life is simple, you have money in your pocket or you don't have it: D


I am also working in my business, I think of leaving school without graduating and going to work to finance my business projects because I no longer want to be dependent on my relatives who want to dictate my present and future, I want to be a teacher and a teacher of my life.

So for the webnovel, I started reading them again but mostly for work because it is also part of my businnes projects, I said to myself if I have to do something I have to earn money otherwise I am a loser and I don't like losing.

For the porn, I didn't touch it anymore, I realized that the challenge no fap really makes me good, it makes me energetic, more disciplined, stronger mentally and more eager.


I'll make a bit of nature, I'll work in my business and I'll look for work, voilà.
Chér lecteur merci de continuer a suivre laventure !

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