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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

5 day


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Fourth or Fifth day

Today I woke up and thought it was as hard as iron that it was Sunday, it was Monday ...

Ok, I started by looking at an interview of a person I respect, a touch of French billionaire Bernard Arnault.
At 9 am I started my study on duolingua, after 2 days within 120 and 160 xp I returned at a rate of 360 xp / day. Someone said that life is not the maintenance of the highs but I manage the bass I think he is totally right .Ok it's 12 o'clock, I really have to heal myself a good porn but being in the advent no fap I have to resist the temptation so I go out.
I go out for 2 reasons, buy a micro to start my business, look for a smartphone, I broke mine: so I go out, go to the hanoute next door and make myself bread with sardines with sparkling water, I eat waiting for the bus under a sun . I talked with a guy who has a good muscular form of sport and then we move on to our pro projects, a very interesting conversation. Talking with new people is no longer a challenge but a pleasure, socializing is very important. Not knowing the bus stops well I lose mine, and I find myself in a remote place, I have to go back on foot. I found a bank and I remembered that I needed the information to send money abroad, I queue and wait, come my turn and expose my situation to the woman, I have 5000 Moroccan dirhams that are 480euro and I want to send them abroad to a friend's bank account Can I do it? The lady tells me no. If anyone knows how to do it, say it in the comments.

I set out to look for my micro, after having searched in all the stores of the quarter I found one that sold but that has finished the stock, it will update it after the aid, the national holiday of Muslims then after August 15th, I will therefore be in Europe impossible. So I bought the phone support to film myself and returned to looking for the micro. Finally I found someone to sell it, it was 4 pm.
I had an English course at 6pm, so I went to a nearby café and felt that long hair broke my balls, I decided to cut them, it's a new life, a new story, a new Mohammed so you need a haircut new.
I had too many caps to make me a good cut, it took 50 minutes for the hairdresser, I was late for my course but who knows, I go there and I stay that last hour.
At 8pm I went home, changed my clothes and went to play soccer a bit and finally socialized with my neighbors, went home again, washed myself, ate, tested the micro and now I write these lines.
Mohammed returned stronger than ever.

Guys I was not addicted to the games but I had a very similar dependence for the Chinese and Korean webnovels and to break this addiction I created an addiction to porn so I found myself with 2 addictions that take a lot of time, with which you don't get results in your life and that you are always a loser of life.
Good luck with your detox!

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