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Ciao a tutti

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I am Mohammed I am Italian of Moroccan origin and I am 17 years old.

I'm not addicted to video games but web novels and I haven't found a solution, I haven't looked for a solution.

Up here there was a guy who had the same problem as mine and someone replied that the dependence of video games is less the same

and that's why I found myself in the challenge 90 days.

But I'm sure you will be able to help me and help you out, I decided to publish 1 daily update here, which will be part of the evolution of this challenge.

Well, I decided to participate in this adventure because I am reading novels for at least 10 hours straight in front of the PC, I don't sleep well, my studies are a catastrophe and also my social relations; studying via the internet does not help me but makes things worse and I feel that my physical condition is going really badly, I feel that my life goes off and I feel miserable

and when I read about that pathetic personnagi becoming big bosses, I feel jealousy, anger, and disappointment towards myself, but continue to read them because it keeps me going and, as the author of the e-book said, they are crutches that auton fall me but if I have continued so I really prefer to fall and then get up stronger.

I make this challenge to finally have results, to change my life, to have a richer life with more experiences and social interactions and above all work on my health because if there isn't that there is nothing.

I ended my introduction here I hope you enjoyed it, if you don't understand something it's because I don't speak English I translate with the help of google translate so I'm sorry for that.

Good day and a good challenge to all of you!

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