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I might have just played something without realising it was a game?

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I clicked on a link to this thing called "skribbl.io" and it's this thing where you just draw and other people guess what it is, yada yada

Then I realised that this probably counts as a video game.

I suppose that means the detox starts tomorrow then? I need to know if there's a way to catch yourself when you end up doing something that's a video game completely unintentionally without realising it's a video game. Dunno it was really surreal.

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You did great! Realizing it doesn't feel right is all you can do, really. I also got caught up in playing poker thinking "it's not a video game", even though I was playing online. Took me days to get off of it. If you stopped as early as you realized, I wouldn't consider it a relapse. 

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