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Jay's Journal

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Hi all,

I'm at the end of my day 2 as I write this. I really appreciated the kind words on my introduction post so I figured I'd take everyone's suggestion of doing a journal. Happy to say I had a strong day 2.

Had a very busy day at work that kept me distracted. I also picked up an old hobby, a martial arts class, and started doing that again tonight. I'm totally out of shape and pretty rusty, but I feel good about exercising, forcing myself out of my comfort zone into a room full of strangers, and found that the class also got me super distracted, not just from games, but from life's problems in general. It feels amazing to have spent the night doing something healthy and productive like that class rather than playing games.

The funny thing is I'm less bothered by not playing games, and more bothered by giving up YouTubers and Twitch streamers that I've loved for years. I never thought I was so attached to them, but not watching them feels akin to saying goodbye to a good friend. Either way, I know it'll be for the best to replace them with *actual* friends so that is what I aim to do.

For anyone else who is super anxious about trying to meet people, I strongly recommend finding a martial arts class or some other physical group activity. You say hi and you just go. No need to deal with awkward chit chat to break the ice, which helped me a lot. My other piece of advice is once you find something you think you'll like: just do it. Don't give yourself time to think of an excuse to back out.

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