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Energy= ???


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Hi peeps!!

I was wondering what you guys do, the days where you have absolutely no energy to initiate any form of activity but you still either have to or want to.

Is there any golden rules on how to make og "get" more energy to do what you really want to do or have to ?? 

I am asking because I regularly face this and it is sucking out every motivation that I have and it makes me wonder about things like "am I really addicted" or "why do I even try to stop gaming, when its really just denying myself some fun and pleasure" ? And that, ofcourse, leads to relapse in the end and then regret etc.....



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Thanks guys.


Working out is deffinantly working well since I have been doing it least 3 times a week, but I do it with a buddy right now and while it sometimes is really good i also fell like that can be demotivating sometimes because there is no room to alternate the training days and its hard to take care of someone ells' schedule as well ?


I havent done the diet thing yet though ? gonna try that out for sure ?

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Hm, I was about to mention here to keep in mind that willpower is a resource, which was the popular scientific consensus a few years ago, but then I double-checked and it looks like there are solid arguments disproving this research. Which is a relief to hear to me, because the original idea kind of facilitated learned-helplessness and I didn't sit with me right. 

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