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My name is Razvan and I stopped gaming 42 days ago. I tried before, and failed. I hope this time I succeed. I took a more drastic approach this time around: 

  • sold PC
  • sold PS4
  • deleted all accounts (Steam, PSN, Blizzard)

The first couple of weeks were surprisingly easy. It is only now that stronger cravings are hitting me pretty often. I have experience quitting cigarettes and alcohol, but I think gaming, for me, is an even stronger addiction. This makes sense: I have been playing games since I was 12 years old if not younger. I had only started smoking and drinking when I was of legal age in the province I lived in back then.

I'm in my early 30s, and I have a strong sense of regret that I wasted my 20s in front of a computer screen. I hope I will be able to tell a different story about my 30s. Something worth telling stories about. Something worth writing about. Or at least something more to remember other than pushing pixels on an LCD array. 

I look forward to reading others' stories here and finding support when willpower is wavering. I hope I'll be able to help others, too. 

Thanks for reading,


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