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Hello all.

My name is Michael. I'm a 33 year old Canadian who finally realized how much of a negative impact gaming has had on my life. A few days ago I found game quitters on YouTube, then I spent the whole weekend watching a bunch of Cam's videos and it all hit me so hard..  I've been addicted to gaming for more than half of my entire life. I want to quit gaming because I'm sick of not reaching my potential, sick of wasting my time. When I'm gaming I'm not thinking about all of my problems, I'm just focused on achieving the next goal in whatever game I happen to be obsessed with at the time. I just feel so incredibly unfulfilled in so many ways.

Last night I purchased Respawn and got started with the worksheets and videos. I'm actually so excited to get started. I've already hung up my worksheets beside my bed so I can remind myself of why I'm doing this. I'm going to be spending the next 90 days completely transforming my life. I'll be doing the 90 day gaming detox as well as no more porn, no more smoking weed, no more junk food and no more pop.

Here's some of the things I will be doing in the next 90 days instead of wasting my summer playing games:

Completely changing my diet and working out 4-7 times a week. As well as learning as much as I can about nutrition.

Going for many walks

Working on becoming a much better golfer / Playing a lot of golf

Taking up recreational tennis with friends and family

Reading all kinds of books. Mostly self development stuff.

Studying for IT certifications (graduated from IT school in july 2018.. still haven't found a job in the industry)

Learning to cook new things and try new foods.

Keeping a journal here on the forum about my experience. As well as watching all of Cam's videos to stay inspired

And hopefully many more exciting things.

So yeah, that's my story. I tried to be brief. I'll be starting my journal later tonight. Hopefully I'll get to know some of you over the next 90 days and beyond. I want to be featured on one of Cam's videos someday!

Be well friends,


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