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Hello there!

My name is Martin (Ikarases on the net) and I am 21. My backstory is that approximately from the age of 12, I spend most of my free time either playing games or browsing the Internet. I've even tried full-time streaming professionally recently, however I realized my gaming taste just doesn't drag enough attention, even though I still sometimes stream nowadays a few hours a day. I'd attribute my desire to stream to a lack of social connection IRL, at least back then when I started out streaming roughly three years ago.

Main reason I am here is my very first (and former?) girlfriend told me she needs to take a break from our relationship about a month ago. After even struggling to acknowledge her current standpoint for a few weeks, I shifted my focus inwards - I started watching TED talks, got a new bike, deactivated my FB and started reading more. I even started writing a diary, mapping my thoughts and feelings every now and then, as I feel there's some "unfinished business" between the two of us. Spending time with her was better than spending time gaming or watching streams!

I'm past the point where I'd HAVE TO spend my whole day behind computer, however I do it regardless for lack of motivation to do other things. I know my other hobbies are geography, English teaching, modern history, I even considered making models of WWII tanks. I know I have several papers due to hand at the university, where I study geography, but mostly I just procrastinate that until there's just a few days left.

Creating a commitment on the Internet to cut down my Internet time seems paradoxical, but I'll give it a go regardless. Thanks for hearing me out!

EDIT: I am planning to make a job-trip to Iceland during summer holidays, inspired partly by my girl and partly because I will know it'll be better for me than sitting at home.

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I have a girlfriend too and she is very important to me! And 3 months ago we are having problems because of my game addiction. I needed To stop gaming and pay antention To my “real deals” on this world.

Be strong! I’m on my 3 month without playing any game, and maybe this addiction will be in my path.

We really have more important and happy things to deal here on “analogic”/real world.


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