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Samon's Journal Part 2


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Hello everybody,

after some months of abstinence here I came back.

First: I didnt relapse. I am still on track and I am still thankful for gamequitters and all of you guys who helped me to push through.

I often remember those 'bad times' and also how I got out of it. Well, still trying to get out of it I suppose. I remember how gq helped me and since there are still things to improve I came back, also to keep sure I stay on track.

So, what is my situation.

As you may already know I am a student, I study medicine. My learn routine is good since I dont play so much anymore. I dont want to extend my learntime(4-6hours daily), but I want to use this time more efficiently.

Main reason why I start this journal is to use the time, in which i am not learning for university for meaningful things. Currently I am grinding Youtube and stuff after university/learning. Its not so bad IMO but I want to use my time a bit better. 

My goals:

Play again with my violin every day(or at least half of the week, not sure).(I did that 90 days straight in the time I had my last journal.)

Every second day doing workout again.(Started this week) + enter a sportclub to socialize more

Those are the two main targets. I will see whether I can add something later. But university takes a lot of time, its medicine. So I am happy if I simply get university done properly. 

So yea, Ill see whether I update dailY or weekly. I will give more details about university, sport, music etc in the future here. It will motivate me more I think.



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So Yea days are going on, everything is okay. Learning for university takes the biggest part of my day and that feels good, because I know I do my work for my goal to be a doctor one day.

Training goes well too, I try to do it moderately so I dont get so exhausted by it like I got some years ago. I take it usually too serious and then I cant achieve my other goals. So I have to do it moderately.

Didnt had the power to play my instrument the last days :/. I think I need to write here daily, so I have kind of a success feeling qhen I play everyday and can post it here :)

see ya guys

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