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Do I have a Gaming Addiction?

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Hi everyone my name is Michael and I'm 27 years old. I have been playing video games 20+ years. I suspect I have a gaming addiction and have suspected I have had one every year since 2015. I don't enjoy video games anymore but I can't stop playing them, it's been that way for years. I have relapsed over 100+ times. Video games have negatively affected my finances spending $1000 on games that I knew I wouldn't enjoy and still playing them, that money was suppose to be for student loans. Also I would tell myself to take 1 month break off video games and don't play no matter what and I end up playing the next day or the next week getting crazy urges to play games. Also I have relapsed 3 times this week, hating myself that I relapsed and felt so guilty, even my bank account went in the negatives because I bought xbox live. I had to rush to the bank and deposit cash because they would of charged me overdraft fees. I'm mostly a logical person but when it comes to this I'm the most irrational person. I was also suppose to learn programming months ago for my future but I neglected it and just played video games instead for months. Do I have a gaming addiction?


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Honestly, I think you know the answer

Also not your first time asking 

You've been coming by about once a year, but not seeming to make progress. Here's a video Cam linked: https://gamequitters.com/proposed-criteria-video-game-addiction/

Take your time, but we do hope you come to terms with, and overcome this addiction. Cheering you on!

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Hi Michael,

Like JPAO said, you haven't seen much change since posting in the forums in the future.

Firstly, I just want to say that it took me almost 5 years of gaming on and off, struggling relentlessly against it, before finally quitting for good 7 months ago. It's a hard journey, and can potentitially be a long one, but it's a necessary one all the same.

I'd suggest doing our quiz for games to see if you have an adidction, but from what you've said it seems quite clear that you have an issue: https://gamequitters.com/video-game-addiction-quiz-for-gamers/

Secondly, truly commit to the 90-day detox. Tell your family and friends, put something on the line that's valuable e.g. money, and really go for it.

It's great that you're still seeking help, and haven't given up yet. That's the most important thing.

Remember, it's worth fighting for. Things definitely get a lot better.

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