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Do I have a Gaming Addiction?

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Hi everyone my name is Michael and I'm 27 years old. I have been playing video games 20+ years. I suspect I have a gaming addiction and have suspected I have had one every year since 2015. I don't enjoy video games anymore but I can't stop playing them, it's been that way for years. I have relapsed over 100+ times. Video games have negatively affected my finances spending $1000 on games that I knew I wouldn't enjoy and still playing them, that money was suppose to be for student loans. Also I would tell myself to take 1 month break off video games and don't play no matter what and I end up playing the next day or the next week getting crazy urges to play games. Also I have relapsed 3 times this week, hating myself that I relapsed and felt so guilty, even my bank account went in the negatives because I bought xbox live. I had to rush to the bank and deposit cash because they would of charged me overdraft fees. I'm mostly a logical person but when it comes to this I'm the most irrational person. I was also suppose to learn programming months ago for my future but I neglected it and just played video games instead for months. Do I have a gaming addiction?

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Honestly, I think you know the answer

Also not your first time asking 

You've been coming by about once a year, but not seeming to make progress. Here's a video Cam linked: https://gamequitters.com/proposed-criteria-video-game-addiction/

Take your time, but we do hope you come to terms with, and overcome this addiction. Cheering you on!

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